Keyword Search - not by VLOOKUP

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Keyword Search - not by VLOOKUP

Poslaťod Palo-admin » 08.02.2010, 11:15

Keyword Search - not by VLOOKUP
Devesh, January 29, 2010

I am having some problem with keyword search. I have a workbook with 2 different worksheet.
Worksheet 1 is the headline page. Worksheet 2 is the page that has all the information in column B.

Worksheet 1
Column A Column B
Company Name Information

Worksheet 2

Column A Column B
Company Name Information
MSFT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

EXXON xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Now I want to search for MSFT. So in Worksheet 1 (A2) I enter MSFT. Now,
I need to see in B2 of worksheet 1 the information if the keyword is found.
he keywords can be 'gains, upgrade, downgrade etc. '

So the formula should be searching for keyword for MSFT in worksheet 2
and display the result in worksheet 1 B2 if the keyword exist.

Look forward to the solution.

Hi Devesh
If you do not want to use macros, you can use combination of OFFSET and MATCH function.

See example here:

How to use parameter of both functions, see internal Excel help.



TIP: To pick company name from list, use can you Cell Validation.


If you want to use as a list source data from other sheet, you must use named range.


I hope, it helps to you.
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